Emmerich Seidelberger is a consultant on safety risks of nuclear technology at the Institute of Safety and Risk Sciences BOKU Vienna. He studied at the Technical University Vienna in 1961-1968. From 1969 to 1981 he worked on development and design of safety systems for pressurized water reactors at Siemens / KWU Erlangen. He was a teacher at Waldorf schools in 1981-1985, and dealt with energy production at the Austrian Institute of Ecology in Vienna in 1986. In 1987-1997 he worked for the Waagner-Biro / AEE in Graz, designing advanced steam generators.

From 1990 to 1997, Mr. Seidelberger was a consultant for the Austrian Federal Chancellery and member of Krško-Commission ICISA. In the years 1997-2012 he was Deputy Director of the Institute of Risk Research, University of Vienna, and later at the Institute of Safety and Risk Sciences BOKU Vienna, working on renewable energy and assessments and reviews of nuclear power plants and interim storage facilities for spent fuel at the sites Temelín, Dukovany, Bohunice, Mochovce, Beznau and Krško. Since 2012 he has worked as a consultant.

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