Ilse Tweer is an expert on structural integrity of reactor pressure vessels. She received her PhD in Radiation Damage in Metals from the University of Vienna in 1966. After that, she was an assistant at the University of Vienna, Institute for Solid State Physics, until 1968. In 1968-1970, she did research fellowships at the University of Delaware and the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

Since 1972, Ilse Tweer has done documentation work for several research institutes in Germany on material science, solid state physics, reactor materials and nuclear medicine. In 1987-1994, she cooperated with the Öko-Institut Darmstadt (NPP Obrigheim); Gruppe Ökologie (NPP Greifswald and Stade) on structural integrity of reactor pressure vessels. Since 1990, she has cooperated with the IRF (IRS)/University of Vienna, been a member of the Austrian Expert Team (NPP Bohunice, Krško, Mochovce and Temelin, trilateral participation under the Melk Protocol) with a specialisation on structural integrity of reactor pressure vessels. In 2013/2016, she has done studies on reactor pressure vessel integrity at the Belgian NPPs Doel3/Tihange2 for the EU Greens. Ilse Tweer is a member of the INRAG.

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